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Student Art Holiday Calendar or Memory Book (Primary Grades)
Count Down the Days to Christmas - December Calendars (Primary Grades)
A Very Merry Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day - A Leprechaun in the Classroom - Reading, Writing, Word Work, & Art


You Tube

Leprechaun Chase!

Teacher Catches Leprechaun!

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Math & Behavior
Mother’s Day or Special Person’s Day Gift - Student Craft & Card
Father’s Day or Special Person’s Day - Draw, Color, & Write Tee Shirt Gift Book
I Lost a Tooth!  Keepsake Envelopes for Teeth Plus Wristbands
Sparkling Pumpkin Art, Writing, & Life Cycle
FREE - Scarecrow Art & Writing
Holiday Treasured Thoughts for December - Writing Prompts, Poems, & Hugs
FREE - Ring in the New YearSeasonal_&_Holidays_files/Ring%20in%20the%20New%20Year.pdf
My Snowman’s Secret - Adding Details to Stories
FREE - Groundhog Day Fun SheetSeasonal_&_Holidays_files/Groundhog%20Day.pdf
FREE - Past Presidents Writing Paper & Venn DiagramSeasonal_&_Holidays_files/A%20Writing%20Activity.pdf
FREE - Sneeze ‘n’ Squirt LabelSeasonal_&_Holidays_files/A%20Writing%20Activity_3.pdf
FREE - Sneeze ‘n’ Squirt Label
Please visit my blog for directions.
Shape Templates for Writing, Drawing, & Making Books
Birthday Celebrations!  Birthday Pocket Hanger, Birthday Greeting Papers,
Write Something Nice Mini-Book, & Artwork (Primary Grades)
Turkey Gobble Math Spin, Writing Prompts, & Craft
Visit my blog for instructions. Click here.
FREE - Worksheet 
U.S Constitution Day - September 17Seasonal_&_Holidays_files/Constitution%20Day.pdf
FREE - Holiday Writing Paper - Reindeer, Gingerbread man, Christmas Tree, Santa
FREE - Spring Egg-Shaped BunnySeasonal_&_Holidays_files/Spring%20Bunny.pdf




Free SampleSeasonal_&_Holidays_files/Ice%20Cream_3.pdf

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2016 CalendarSeasonal_&_Holidays_files/2016%20Calendar.pdf